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The Family Vacation

That very phrase conjures up childhood memories of days at the beach, full of sun, sand and surf. Few things seem as iconic as gathering with family members at the beach or a mountain vacation property. After a day in the sun and a relaxing meal with extended family, what could be better than convening in the family room for jigsaw puzzles and board games? Perhaps listening to other family members recounting fond recollections of past get-togethers or scheming for future family adventures. These are the cherished times that will live on in our memories and those of our children. Years from now, it is these precious moments that will become the fabric of our family lore. A vacation affords us the ability to put aside the hustle and bustle of the typical day, and simply enjoy the fellowship of family. Simply put, it allows for reconnection, catching up, and appreciating the simple things, being a family. Too often separated by distance and more mundane obligations, vacations allow us time to enjoy and appreciate the simpler things in life, just being together. It affords us an opportunity to reminisce, unwind, and recharge. It is a moment in time, where generations can come together, enjoy each other’s company, and reflect on our many blessings. Family vacations provide an incredibly special opportunity, a series of moments together with loved ones, that remind of what life is all about.


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